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Welcome to Strong Memory

Welcome to, a site dedicated to “The Lost Art of Human Memory.” The ‘lost art’ is like software for the mind. Once it is installed, it helps the mind perform at its very best. Whether you’re pursuing a college degree, studying for professional designations or want to be able to remember pebrainople’s names, this lost art can lead you to your goal.

• If you are a speaker who wants to give presentations    without notes
• If you are a leader who needs a good memory
• If you want to be known as a memory expert
• If you are a student preparing for exams or boards
• If you are working on a professional designation
• If you wat to be able to remember names and faces

our seminars and workshops will be of great value. 

It has been known for millennia that certain clever shortcuts can really fortify our memory. We find things that the mind can do especially well, such as picturing places or noticing things that are odd or silly.  We use those things to remember what the mind finds difficult, like names and faces, facts and numbers. This mental software doesn’t just improve the memory, it gives you very specific control over what you learn.   

When you read about people with incredible memories, or people who can calculate rapidly, this is probably how they do it. More importantly, this is how you can do it.  This is the type of memory system that diplomats, scholars and spies use.  It is a very potent skill. 

So turn on your mind. See the true cognitive power at your command. Explore the site and please share your memory secrets with us.  It is our purpose to make learning fun, easy and extremely powerful.

Give yourself, your employees or your conference attendees a much better memory.
Enjoy. Spread the word.




Watch this STRONG MEMORY webinar to learn how to "Build Your Memory Palace."




Here is a memory trick for those who have not yet learned the STRONG MEMORY Number System.
When you want to remember a number consider making a phrase or word that sounds like the number. Let's say that the combination for your locker is 4-2-8. You can say that's "FORTUNATE." Repeat it a few times and think how fortunate that number is. (Four Two n Eight)

In the same vein,
34 could be "dirty floor."
56 could be "nifty tricks."
23 could be "trendy tree."
118 might be "Juan ate teen."
2156 is "to one live chick."

If your pin number for the ATM is 8134, you could picture that you "ate on dirty floor."
To lock that on your mind, picture that you ate on the dirty floor while waiting in line
for the ATM. It's the pictures that really hold things in your mind.






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